- Vision, awareness and scanning on the pitch has been given too little focus!

Kristian Thorstvedt uses the Be Your Best VR-Trainer to prepare before matches - even just hours before a match! 

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March 16, 2021

Thorstvedt (22), plays as midfielder for the Belgian club K.R.C. Genk, recently securing a spot in the final of the Belgian Pro League.

- I really enjoy playing for Genk and in the Belgian League. The league has a high tempo, and Belgian football is all about offensive pressure - gegenpress. You'll find very few teams who sit deep, and defend low.

Thorstvedt explains he had to adjust to the Belgian method, but still worked on keeping his individual style of play.

- I'm an attacking or offensive midfielder, never afraid of going into the box, and constantly looking for space and opportunities.

- I didn't want to lose my edge during injury!

-He signed with Genk in January of last year, and during the very last match before the initial Covid-19 lockdowns, he contracted an injury that put him out of play for several months.

- I guess you could say it was great timing, not being able to play because of injury when no one else could play either. I didn't have to miss out on a whole lot.

- But I was out for around 6 months, and I didn't want to lose my edge, I didn't want to forget that match mentality. That's when I initially set up my VR-Training with Be Your Best.

Thorstvedt had tried the Be Your Best VR-Trainer once before with the Norwegian National G18-team, and enjoyed the ability to play actual football away from the football pitch.

- Vision and awareness on the pitch has been given far too little focus!

- Being aware of what's happening on the pitch is so useful for finding opportunities, and executing a smart play. It's been given far too little focus, especially in youth football!

- I mean, I knew about awareness and scanning before, but after training with the Be Your Best VR-Trainer, I was way more conscious about it. I noticed especially in my first training session with the team after my injury period, that I was focusing more on my scanning.

Thorstvedt explains he trains with the Be Your Best-Trainer around 3-4 times a week, and will usually also train in preparation before his next match - either the night before or on the actual matchday!

- I focus mostly on how I orientate myself on the pitch, scanning and taking in information of situations and opportunities.

- It's a great tool for becoming much more aware of how important it is to scan on the pitch, and how scanning can help locate space and opportunities in order to push forward.

We'll continue to follow Thorstvedt's efforts in the exciting last leg of the season in the Belgian Pro League!

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