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Made in Norway & expanding around the world, Be Your Best is leading the way in VR training for footballers

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Male wearing VR headset, standing outside and underneath the crossbar of some football goalposts
Don’t just take our word for it!
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Our ultimate aspiration

We have a vision….
We aspire to become the gold standard for cognitive and mental improvement and enable all athletes to unlock their full performance potential through cutting edge technology.
…and we’re on a mission
Harnessing our expertise in team sports, with a primary focus on football, we specialize in enhancing in-game cognitive performance to propel athletes to new heights of success on the field.
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Martin Ødegaard of Arsenal football club and the Norway national team clapping

“Really fun, but hard work. No physical load. Thank you Be Your Best for helping me train my vision and decision making during my injury period.”

Martin Odegaard - Instagram
Premier League

This is who we are

We relentlessly focus on achieving our goals and we put in all the effort required to succeed(Every Day Counts).
We fearlessly explore new ideas and approaches to improve our products, services and processes.
We pride ourselves on delivering consistently high-quality work with an unwavering commitment to excellence.
Be Your Best CEO, Andreas Olsen, smiling in front of a building wearing a blue shirt

“Be Your Best™ is that thing I wish I had when I was a young aspiring footballer. Being able to take part in building something that actually helps players improve, & enable them to take giant leaps towards their dream, is a privilege.”

Andreas Olsen
CEO @ Be Your Best

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