Passion for football and psychology

A strong passion for football, psychology, 3D simulation, and gamification is what initially kicked off our journey.

Four people playing football on a green football pitch.

The Be Your Best purpose is to drastically change the way we train vision in football. 

We exist to provide our users with the skills to navigate, cope with, and master dynamic and complex situations under pressure, not only in football, but in all aspects of life.

Our Trainer is based on Scientific research, which has shown that frequent use of scanning before receiving the ball is positively linked to making faster and better decisions with the ball.

Be Your Best was founded in 2016 and is located in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto and Oslo Science Park in Norway.

The future of football

The best football players of the future are those that are always a step ahead - the players that can make decisions on their next move before receiving a pass!

Through practicing and getting feedback on your scan frequency, scan timing, and decision making you too will be better equipped to make faster and better decisions on the pitch.

Players from clubs and organizations using Be Your Best

How can you use our Trainer?

We work with both individual football players and clubs. For the individual player, Be Your Best is a great supplement to an established training schedule. Be Your Best training is highly individualised - you can practice from anywhere, and without any physical load. Implement it into your existing training routine to maximise your performance and become cognitively match fit!

For clubs, Be Your Best can be a great way to streamline training for players in the club. Clubs will get insight into the frequency of play as well as the individual progress players have made on the platform.

Players from clubs and organizations using Be Your Best

What’s in it for you?

If you are a player?
You get access to interactive training simulations with game scenarios at different difficulty levels. The most difficult game scenarios are directly replicated from matches at the Champions League and Premier League levels. 

After every scenario you are provided with scanning and decision making metrics that you can analyse to improve your performance even further.

If you are a club
Be Your Best enables you to give your players the opportunity to isolate and individualise their training on scanning and decision making, without having to adjust to the logistics for the rest of the team. Your coaches can follow each player’s progress through analysing their game metrics, and use the data to set up individualised training schedules for each player. 

Scientific basis

We rely on 20 years of pioneering research that has identified the key cognitive and perceptual drivers of football performance.
Working with the best scientific minds within the field of sports psychology, we have designed the Be Your Best Trainer to effectively train those exact performance drivers over and over again.

Meet our advisory board: 

"The world's leading expert on scanning,"

Geir Jordet

Professor at The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Consultant for major European football organisations (FA, DFB, EPL) and a series of clubs in the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, and Dutch Eredivisie

"The football pitch is similar to the fighter plane"

Anders Meland

Researcher and Advisor with the Norwegian Armed Forces

Mental training in high performance environments among top athletes and Air Force pilots

"Cognitive skills can affect elite youth footballers' performance"

Barbara Huijgen

Assistant Professor at The University of GroningenPro

Talent identification and development in football, especially in regards to youth football players

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