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Why scanning matters

Scanning is vital for enhanced vision, decision-making, & teamwork.

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Premier League study

Scanning helps to improve performance, even at the highest level

What the studies show
Players who scan at a high rate are 2x more likely to make a successful forward pass.
Players in the Premier League and other top divisions scan more than those at lower levels.
Scanning can be both trained and learned, with improvement seen across all ages.
*Jordet, Bloomfield & Heijmerkx (2013)
N = 55 midfielder players Premier League

Scanning Metrics

When it comes to scanning these are the details you need to know

Scan Rate

How many times a player scans per second in the 10 seconds before they get the ball

Scan Rate

The best players scan 8+ times in the 10 seconds before receiving the ball.

Scan Timing

Top players time their scans when the ball is moving & in between touches.

Scan Timing

Make sure you scan at the right moments

Critical Scan

The last scan a player makes as the ball is moving towards them.

Critical Scan

Taking your eyes off the ball as it moves towards you is one of the most challenging skills in football


Scanning is useless unless you remember information & put it to use


Awareness determines how well you retain information.

Decision Making

The most effective action you can do with the ball once you receive it.

Decision Making

Retain possession, or make a progressive forward pass.

Unlock performance insights

Gain valuable insights to track progress, identifying areas for improvement and growth.

The best players scan constantly

How much would you need to scan to challenge the best?

Scan Rate by players
See where some of the world’s best players rank in terms of their scan rate.
Bar chart ranking the scanning frequency of some of the world's best footballers in terms of their scan rate
*Geir Jordet / 10 selected midfielders/forwards
Scan Rate by position
Players in all positions benefit from scanning, but some positions naturally scan more than others.
Bar chart showing the scans per second of different positions of footballers
*Geir Jordet
/ N = 27 Premier League players (10.842 situations)

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