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Scenario training is a specialized training mode to coach your cognitive skills

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Improve your scanning and an array of other valuable cognitive abilities.

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Play through professional game scenarios from the perspective of one player. At some point you’ll get the ball, but until then put your awareness to the test.

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Scan frequently, and at the right moments, pass the awareness tests, and make the right decision once you’ve received the ball. Get ready for the challenge.

Features to improve your game

Train your scanning, vision, & decision making in an isolated environment

Train scenarios from pro games

All scenarios are recreated from pro games, helping you to think & play like an expert

Personal stats tracking

A dedicated hub for all your stats to monitor your progress.

Position specific training

Train from your usual position, or switch it up to improve your versatility

Scanning & Awareness training

Improve scan rate, timing, & awareness to become a calm and composed player.

Replay analysis

Watch your performance back from all angles to identify ways to improve.

Vision & Decision making

Learn to make the right decisions when receiving the ball.

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You’re only a few weeks away from being a more calm & composed player on the field

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Increase your football IQ with our specialized training modes & tools


Our new open AI training mode is the closest thing to a real game you’ll find in VR.

Scanning & Metrics

Gain valuable performance insights to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

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Delivering comprehensive analytics and insights to help you elevate your soccer game

Headshot of Joshua Kitolano of Sparta Rotterdam

“It’s the difference between being the best and not. It gives you that extra 1-5%.”

Joshua Kitolano
Sparta Rotterdam