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Who is the Be Your Best app for?

Be Your Best was created for aspiring and professional football players who are dedicated to become better football players. It's also a great fit for injured players who want to stay cognitively sharp during their recovery period to be able to bounce back faster.

What do I need to get started?

You need an Oculus Quest 1 or 2 headset and a mobile phone for downloading the app. You also need a Facebook account in order to use the Oculus headset.

How does the game work?

Inside the game, you will face different real-life match situations called scenarios. At the beginning of each scenario, one of your teammates or an opponent player has ball possession. All you know is that at some point during the scenario, you will receive a pass.

What is my task in the game?

In each scenario, your task is to constantly scan the field around you so that you can quickly and confidently make the best decision available at the time when you get the ball. Looking around you is called scanning.

Why is scanning important?

Check out this video of Frank Lampard. See how he constantly looks around? He’s keeping a constantly up-to-date map of the field in his head, and it helps him decide when and where to pass, as well as where to move. He starts to make a plan long before he receives a pass.

Who are some players who are really good at scanning?

Some of the biggest names in scanning are Lampard, Xavi, Gerrard, Messi, Mbappe, Ødegaard. Midfielders and defenders typically need to scan more than forwards.

Can I get a high score inside the game simply by turning my head quickly?

Technically you can get a high scan frequency score by doing that, but you’ll find it difficult to pass the awareness tests: Remembering where your teammates and opponents are.

How does it make me a better football player?

By teaching you to scan more, at the right time, and with awareness. It is also extremely beneficial to be able to expose yourself to many different match situations that you would normally not encounter - just like pilots use flight simulators to get better.

How do I make a decision in the game?

You make a decision by pointing with the Oculus Quest 2 game controls and choosing to pass or shoot at the goal.

How do I know I am getting better?

As you get better, you’ll take steps in the Career progression system. You’ll start to notice that you feel more confident on the field and are able to make better decisions.

How does the scoring system work?

In Career mode, you’ll face gradually more difficult challenges. Compare your Career score to your friends’ score to see who’s getting better.

Can I play at different speeds?

You can choose game speeds ranging from 80-120 %, where 100% is the real-world speed at which the scenario really happened.

Why hasn’t someone done this before?

More and more companies are using VR for training purposes. We're just the first ones who brought this to football.

How much does the headset cost?

This will vary slightly depending on your location. The Oculus Quest 2 headset is priced at $299 in the US (64 GB) .

Where can I buy the headset?

You'll find an Oculus Quest 2 in your local electronics store or at online retailers such as Amazon. For our German customers, we recommend buying the headset off foreign online retailers that delivers to Germany, e.g. Amazon UK.

Is it worthwhile to buy a VR headset for this?

Experts believe VR and AR will become a central part of our lives over the next 10 years. VR glasses actually got a lot more affordable in 2020 when the Oculus Quest 2 was released: It was half the price and had double the performance of competition. Facebook currently has around 10,000 employees working on VR development.

Can my friends watch me play?

Yes. You can easily stream from your Oculus Quest 2 headset to a TV, mobile phone, iPad or PC. Many of our customers enjoy making training with the Be Your Best app a social experience.

Can I record myself playing?

Yes. This is standard functionality on Oculus Quest 2..

What ages are suitable?

Kids are usually able to grasp and appreciate the concept of scanning and decision-making around age 12. Our customers range from 10-25 y/o.

Will I get motion sick?

It is not uncommon for people to get motion sick in the beginning, particularly if you're new to VR. Take breaks, and don't go on for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Will it actually make me better on the field?


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