Replicate the experience of a real game

Our open AI training mode. Play 11-aside with freedom to move and make decisions.

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Why MatchPlay?

MatchPlay replicates the experience of a real life game, giving you complete control over your actions & decisions.

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Ask for the ball whenever you want, string together a sequence of passes, tackle other players, and decide your own positioning and movement.

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You’ll still be working on improving your scanning ability, but with more going on around you, and with more decisions to be made, your cognitive skills will be challenged.

Features to improve your game

Put your skills to the test in a fast-paced game environment

Authentic game experience

MatchPlay is the closest thing to a real football experience you’ll find in VR.

AI difficulty control

Amp up the intensity for more of a challenge

Position specific training

Train in your usual role or master any position

Improved positional awareness

Complete freedom to move, enhancing positional and spatial awareness.

Match specific scan training

Scan training in a more demanding, game-like environment

Heightened cognitive load

More decisions to make means more cognitive overload

MatchPlay multiplayer mode

Play against your friends, teammates, or players around the world.

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Expand your mind and game

Increase your football IQ with our specialized training modes & tools


Advance your rating and unlock new content by completing drills by increasing difficulty.

Scanning & Metrics

Gain valuable performance insights to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Companion app

Delivering comprehensive analytics and insights to help you elevate your soccer game

Headshot of Lukas Browning of Sligo Rovers

“It’s a great way to put yourself in a game like situation without placing too much load on the body.”

Lukas Browning
Sligo Rovers
League of Ireland Premier Division