- Now I'm scanning almost on instinct

Young footballer Kamilla Melgård (15) is well on her journey to become a pro, and on that journey she's brought with her The Be Your Best Trainer.

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January 11, 2021

Melgård (seen here as nr. 8) is showing great promise, playing for local club Lyn FK, and being drafted for the Norwegian Women's U15 National Team in 2020.

Playing for a club that was also recently elected by the Fifa Global Ecosystem Analysis in regards to player development strategies, is proof of the culture of dedication to development and progress that Melgård is part of.

- My dream is to become a pro

Melgård has played football for several years already, making the choice to follow her dream soon after she started playing. 

- My dream is to become a pro. I've made that choice both because football is something that I'm good at, and because it's fun. Someday I hope to play for the Women's National Team and maybe even for Barcelona.

Playing quite different positions as attacking forward, midfielder, and winger, Melgård has to have a constant awareness of what is happening on the pitch. 

- I don't play any position more than the others, I enjoy playing in different ways. 

- After I started using The Be Your Best Trainer, both my coaches and I noticed a positive change. I've become much more aware of how to orient myself on the pitch and how to use my vision correctly. Now it just happens naturally, kind of on instinct. 

The smart way to train 

Melgård was first introduced to The Be Your Best Trainer through her club, Lyn FK. She noticed quite a jump in her skill level already after a short while of training. 

- There was a big difference in my awareness and vision especially at the start. Maybe because it was a new way of training. I notice that I'm still progressing now, but at a slower pace because my skill levels have increased, and obviously also because the higher levels in the Trainer are more difficult

Training with The Be Your Best Trainer for over a year now, Melgård tries to do at least 3 shorter sessions a week. She explains her focus is always more on the quality of her training than the quantity. This is true deliberate practice at work! 

Building habits to use on the pitch

- I focus a lot on my vision, and remind myself when to look at the ball and when to not look at the ball. So I practice looking at the ball only when I receive a pass, and look away from the ball when it's traveling between players. 

- In that way I've become better at focusing more on the players around me - both in the Trainer and on the pitch. My coaches have told me that I've become much more skilled in anticipating moves on the pitch. 

The future is bright for young Melgård, and Be Your Best will continue to support her on her journey! 

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