In-game feedback added to our VR app

A new update has been added to our VR football app providing players with in-game feedback on their performance

May 29, 2024

Following the recent release of our new Challenges training mode, we are excited to release another update to the Be Your Best app.

In-game feedback has now been added to the VR training experience, along with a new settings menu to adjust audio and feedback options to a player’s own personal preference.

In-game feedback

Our new in-game feedback feature allows players to receive instant audio and visual feedback on their passing performance whilst playing on the VR pitch. 

This new feature is in addition to, and will complement, our existing replay mode and stat analysis that are shared after every completed session.

All of this functionality will help Be Your Best players to better track their progress and continuously improve their training experience.

Settings menu

A new Settings option has also been added to the main menu. Settings can be located by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

The Settings menu allows players to adjust audio and in-game feedback options to their own personal preference.

Options include adjusting the audio level of the crowd, menu music and audio feedback. Plus, the ability to turn on/off all, or different aspects, of the in-game feedback feature.

All Setting preferences will be automatically saved once a user returns to the main menu and can be further changed at any time.

Additional updates

Other updates to the app, introduced based on user feedback, include a Scenario Training count and Awareness Test score.

The Scenario Training count will show players how many scenarios will be played in their session and how many are remaining.

The Awareness Test score will display a player's overall score after completing the awareness test.

We’re sure Be Your Best players will enjoy and benefit from these updates, as a number of these new features were requested by our current users!

As always, we welcome any feedback, so feel free to let us know yours by contacting our team.

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