Euro Challenge 3: Get England playing

For our third Euros Challenge, see whether you can get England playing more positively

July 1, 2024

England may have progressed to the quarter finals of the Euros but it’s fair to say that Gareth Southgate’s side have so far failed to live up to their pre-tournament expectations.

Despite having the talent of Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden, Bukayo Saka and Declan Rice in the team, performances in Germany have underwhelmed fans and media alike.

Well, here’s your chance to see if you can make a difference with our England inspired Euros Challenge.

England Euro Challenge

For this week’s challenge, we’ve recreated multiple real-life moments from England’s games at the Euros in virtual reality.

Put your scanning, vision and decision making skills to the test, and see whether you can help England play more positively. 

As usual, there are prizes to be won for those who top the weekly challenge leaderboard.

How to play challenges?

Be Your Best subscribers can now play the England Euro Challenge in our VR app.

Challenges can be found via the main menu. Watch the introduction video to understand your role in the scenario and then see if you have what it takes to help England progress the ball and create goal scoring opportunities.

Users will have until 23:59pm (CET) on Sunday (7th July) to play this challenge and those who finish in the top 3 of the weekly leaderboard will win prizes, such as:

  • An international football shirt
  • A year’s free Be Your Best subscription
  • Be Your Best merchandise

A new Euro Challenge will be set live each week of the tournament. Keep an eye on Be Your Best channels next week for updates.

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