Challenge the likes of Iniesta, Messi, Coutinho - and challenge yourself! 

Scan, decide and act faster than champions with our speed-feature!

December 23, 2020

What would you do if we told you that you can scan, think and execute faster than any Champions or Premier League player? 

All the match simulations that you experience in The Be Your Best Trainer are actually from real scenarios in matches from the Champions League, Premier League and similar. 

We want you, the player, to apply the skills you use in Be Your Best Trainer on the pitch. We use real situations that the very best footballers in the world have experienced to help you train and perform at the highest level.

Level up - do what de Bruyne and Neymar Jr can't!

Our Trainer gives you an option of choosing different speeds of how the scenario plays out. 100% is the actual pace from the real Champions or Premier League match it is based on. 

Speed settings in the Be Your Best VR-trainer.
The different speed options in the Be Your Best Trainer.

But! Did you know that we've also gone a step further and put an option of 110% and 120% scenario speed? 

Challenge the greats, the champions, the golden boys - at their own game. Can you outperform them at scanning, thinking, deciding and executing 20% faster than they did? 

Speeding up the match truly pushes you out of your comfort zone. It's in this "pain point" you grow your skills to the max. 

What does speeding up the match scenarios achieve?

You might have heard that in training, learning, or achieving anything you have to go out of your comfort zone. Well, that rings true!

It all goes back to deliberate practice. For you to continue to keep your skills on point, you need to experience an element of continuous challenge. By speeding up the match scenarios to 120% you'll force your brain to take all it's newly learned habits of scanning and perception into high gear.

It might be a bit difficult at first, but this is how your brain will in turn learn to fine tune your thought process and your execution. Maybe you'll notice that you think and see differently from the minute you set foot on the pitch?

Speeding up your own awareness gives you an edge up on everyone else. Being able to see, think and execute faster than all other players - who doesn't want that?

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