7 tips on scanning for strikers

High paced, high stakes, and high frequency scanning!

March 22, 2021

Scanning for a striker is all about locating space! Look for any and all available space, and use that to create a plan A, B, and C of attack.

As a striker you need to be able to switch your plan of attack and your trajectory at a second's notice, so locating any and all opportunities is crucial! 

Train scanning in VR for strikers

Football is as much a game of the mind as it is of physical and technical skill, and scanning is important in any position on the pitch.  In the Be Your Best VR-Trainer, you can train in any position with proper match simulation. Train on situations that are specific for forward-positions, be it a standard striker, center forward, second striker, or winger. Work on your body positioning, scanning, awareness, pace and decision making! 

Here are our tips on how to scan as a striker: 

Situation 1: "In the pocket":
  • High frequency scanning to detect movement of teammates and pressure.
  • In situations like these, it is extremely important with the "Critical Scan" as situations in the final 3rd of the pitch can change rapidly!

Situation 2: Counter attack:
  • If teammates have the ball: high frequency scanning used while running at high speed! Detect any open spaces to accelerate into, the positioning of the goalkeeper, and the most likely decision of your teammate with the ball.
  • If you're on the ball: high frequency scanning between touches. Remember to have long touches at high speed. Detect the movements from your teammates, what is the body position of the 1st defender (the defender closest to you), and the positioning of goalkeeper.

Situation 3: Box movement - teammate ready to cross:
  • Be aware of the opposing defender's own scanning and move rapidly into available space when defender is looking at the ball.
  • Use double movements (movement 1 when defender looks at you, movement 2 when defender looks away from you). In other words, use their scanning frequency and timing to your advantage!
  • Always be aware of your teammates' situation (body position, are they pressured, what is their position on the field etc).

Download our VR-Trainer and try it out the tips for yourself! 

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