3 Tips on how to use the Be Your Best Trainer in coaching

How to use our VR-trainer as a football coach!

November 12, 2020

The Be Your Best Trainer is a great tool for deliberate practice for any footballer that wants to improve their performance on the pitch. However, it can be a great tool to use in coaching players as well! 

Here are some tips on how you can use the Be Your Best Trainer in coaching:

1. From game to practice

Drills for training vision and awareness are often split into different elements that are removed from match situations. This could potentially create a dissonance between what the footballer is practicing and how they translate it into their individual match performance. 

However, when coupled with a short session in the Be Your Best Trainer before moving to your training on the pitch, a coach can show the connection between the VR-experience and real life situations. 

2. Match readiness after injury

Regardless of skill, being "match ready" means being mentally and cognitively ready to play at a fast pace with high stakes. Being able to handle pressure, to read and anticipate situations before anyone else, can make all the difference on performance. 

By utilising the Be Your Best Trainer as a method of injury rehabilitation, the previously injured player is more capable of readapting mentally to the speed of the game.

3. Valuable conversations

High performance coach Tomas Winkel has previously noted how the Be Your Best Trainer has been useful in garnering valuable conversations with his players.

- I often use the Trainer together with video analysis from matches. If I see that a player is struggling with elements like scanning and decision making in previous performance, but his scores in the Trainer are sufficient, we can use that to look even deeper at things like stress-coping, performance anxiety or lack of concentration, and work on that too. 

The Be Your Best Trainer can help you do what you do best - coach and develop the best footballers of the future!

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