15 Football / Soccer Gift Ideas

Explore our tips on the best gifts to buy a football / soccer fan

December 8, 2023

Football, or soccer for fans in North America, is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. The sport has roughly 3.5 billion fans and 250 million players worldwide.

If you're planning to give a gift to a football / soccer lover, you might be considering what themed gifts would be ideal to purchase. If this describes you, then you are in the right place.

Read on to learn about 15 of the best gifts you can get a lover of football / soccer.

1. Be Your Best

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Arguably, no better gift for a football / soccer player exists than a tool that helps them improve their overall game. And this is exactly what Be Your Best does.

The Be Your Best VR training tool helps players improve their cognitive skills, such as scanning and vision. Studies have shown that Be Your Best helps players increase their scan rate by 28%, after 9-weeks of training. Footballers who scan more make twice as many successful forward passes compared to those who scan less, highlighting the importance of developing this skill.

If you know someone who loves playing football / soccer, give them the gift of Be Your Best. This will help them improve and gain an edge, no matter what level they play at.

Learn more about training with Be Your Best here, where you can also sign up for the player you are wanting to gift.

2. Football / Soccer Ball

A football / soccer ball is perhaps one of the most obvious gifts you can buy - since the entire sport revolves around it. This is why a football / soccer ball makes an excellent gift for enthusiasts of the sport. You can explore many types of balls, and your choice should be dependent on the person you are gifting.

Considerations for your football / soccer ball purchase should be the potential usage. If the gift is for someone who enjoys playing, then you should browse for match or training football / soccer balls.

Another thing to be aware of is the size of the ball. Size 5 balls are good for players 15 and older. Size 4 balls are better for ages 11-14. Size 3 balls are best for players under 10. Also available are Size 2 and mini balls for any aspiring ballers, typically under the age of 6.

If you are buying a gift for someone who is more of a football / soccer enthusiast, the appearance of the ball might matter more to them. They might want to use it as decoration instead of playing with it. In this case, you can scroll through plenty of club branded balls or special artistic designs.

3. Kits / Jerseys

Football / Soccer players and fans alike love collecting and wearing the kit of their favourite teams and players. Thus, you should consider gifting your loved one an official or replica shirt / jersey. You can usually find the latest items at official club stores or popular retailers like Fanatics or Kitbag.

Alternatively, if the football / soccer fan in your life prefers older or unique shirts, you should visit Classic Football Shirts or Cult Kits. They offer a wide selection of retro and rare options.

4. Football Boots / Soccer Cleats

Football Boots / Soccer Cleats are an appropriate gift for a player or fan who regularly plays the game. This essential piece of kit comes in different designs, colours, and styles, so you can get creative with your selection. Just remember to keep in mind the actual needs of the person you are gifting for.

There are many different types of football boots / soccer cleats designed for different surfaces. For advice on how to choose the right boot for you, watch this helpful video.

5. Match Tickets

For an aficionado of the game, only a few gifts can beat the opportunity to attend a live match of their favourite team. Therefore, giving the gift of match tickets is almost always a safe bet.

To make it more memorable, try getting tickets for matches with a special atmosphere. Alternatively, you can treat them to a hospitality ticket for extra perks along with the game's excitement.

Match ticket information can be found on all club’s respective websites.

6. Football / Soccer Books

Many people want to read about things they are passionate about. As such, football / soccer books are another great gift you can explore. These books can be about anything, ranging from training guides to the history of certain clubs and players.

A vast number of current and retired professional players have also released autobiographies, so your loved one can learn more about their favourite players from the pitch. To help with your search, here’s a list of the best football / soccer books, courtesy of Goodreads.

7. Football / Soccer Video Game

Lots of lovers of football / soccer also enjoy playing video games of the sport. So if your gift receiver is also a gamer, you are not likely to go wrong with this gift.

There are a number of video games you can explore, such as EA Sports FC and Football Manager. Just make sure to get the latest versions of these games so that the teams and players correspond closely with how they currently are in real life.

8. Training Equipment

Football / Soccer players aiming to improve should be regularly training. And you can make their training sessions more effective and efficient by gifting them various pieces of equipment. Ideas for items include pop-up goals, rebound nets, agility ladders, cones, slalom poles and even freekick mannequins.

There are numerous items you can give as a gift to help the player in your life improve their performances on the pitch.

9. Live Stream Subscription

Every fan of the game would appreciate watching their favourite team or league play week in and week out from the comfort of their own home or whilst on the move using their preferred device. So why not consider subscribing to a live streaming platform?

All the major leagues across the world will have their own broadcast deals, with the likes of Sky Sports, Now TV, TNT Sports, Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Therefore, it is best to research the broadcasters who offer stream subscriptions where you live before deciding which to buy.

10. Football / Soccer Themed Accessories

There are many football / soccer themed accessories you can get for someone really passionate about the sport. These can include themed hats, socks, towels, keyholders, mugs, phone cases, keychains, bracelets, and even blankets. Pretty much anything you can think of - there will likely be a specific football / soccer version of it.

What’s more? You can often customise many of these items to personalise them for the person you are gifting.

11. Football / Soccer Themed Games

If you are seeking ways to bring your football / soccer loving friends and family together, then why not consider football / soccer themed games?

There are an array of choices available when it comes to football games, you can engage in competitive board games, challenge each other's expertise with trivia, test your teamwork through puzzles, or relive the adrenaline rush of playing with captivating tabletop experiences. It's the perfect gift idea to bond with friends and family over a shared love of the beautiful game.

12. Football / Soccer Club Apparel

If the football / soccer fan in your life is an avid supporter of a specific club, then a special gift would be some club branded apparel. Whether it's a t-shirt, hoodie, cap or scarf, anything adorned with somebody's favourite team crest will take pride of place in their wardrobe.

Gifting football / soccer club apparel is a gesture that acknowledges and celebrates the recipient’s passion for the sport and their team, making it a thoughtful and meaningful choice.

Each club will have different apparel options in stock so check out their online stores for what’s available to buy.

13. Football / Soccer Fashion Apparel

On the other hand, if the football / soccer fan in your life is more fashion conscious, then there are plenty of brands and retailers that offer football / soccer inspired apparel.

Check out Art of Football, a fan-led brand, capturing iconic moments in the game through lifestyle fashion items. Or, Saturdays Football in the United States for goods any true supporter will appreciate.

14. Foosball Table

The classic foosball table isn't just a gift; it's a gateway to endless fun, friendly competition, gatherings  and socialising. It transcends age and interests, so can be enjoyed by anybody in a household.

Tables are available in various sizes and in addition to providing lots of enjoyment, they also help develop quick decision-making and coordination skills.

15. Football / Soccer Art

Football / soccer inspired art offers more than just decoration - it can encapsulate the soul of the sport, preserving iconic moments, legendary players, and the electrifying atmosphere of the game in picture.

And football / soccer art comes in various forms, including photography, paintings, drawings, animations, posters, and prints,  making it an incredible lifetime gift for any avid fan or enthusiast.

Wrapping up the gift ideas

When it comes to buying gifts, there is no set of rules. But we hope this blog has provided you with lots of gift ideas for the football / soccer fan in your life.

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