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A new, fun and effective way to train perception and decision making in football.

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"What we have here is a completely different starting point to optimize certain brain functions under pressure."

Prof. Dr. Jan Mayer
TSG Hoffenheim

"I often use the BYB Cognitive Training app together with video analysis from matches. This leads to really valuable conversations with my players."

Thomas Winkel
High Performance Coach

"The players feel like they're participating in a real match. And when they come back from the injury period, they feel like they have gained a cognitive advantage compared to pre injury."

Allan Rasmussen
F.C. Copenhagen

Players can train from anywhere with no physical load.
Design your own scenarios based on your own tactics.
Assign player-specific training challenges
Targeted scenarios for
every player position

A brand new way to train perception and decision-making.


Design your own match scenarios

With the BYB Scenario Builder, you can design your own match scenarios and let players practice them at their convenience.

Whether your goal is to have the player replay situations they experienced themselves in the past, or you want to drill the tactics of the next big match - we got you covered.

The BYB Scenario Builder is a very powerful tool that is only limited by how much you put into it.

The Be Your Best Portal

Individualised training

With the BYB Portal, you can follow each player’s individual progress by analysing their game metrics, or create individualized training schedules for each player,

Isolate your player's training on scanning and decision making, without having to adjust to the logistics for the rest of the team!

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