The Best VR Football / Soccer Games

There aren’t too many VR football games out there, but these are the best of the bunch

Stepping onto the field from your own living room is now possible thanks to VR.  Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in an entertaining game, or improve your skills on the actual field, there are a bunch of games out there that you can enjoy. Here are some of the best football/soccer games on VR right now.

1. Be Your Best 

If you’re interested in actually getting better at football in real life, then Be Your Best is for you. The game is currently used by thousands of players and clubs around the world, from professional to amateur level, and is all about improving your on the field skills.

What’s better yet, is that the game is scientifically proven to improve your performance on the pitch.

The main skill you’ll work to improve in Be Your Best is your scanning. Find out how this can help you as a player in this post. 

With over 800 scenarios to train through, you won’t run out of content to train, with just a few minutes of training a week enough to help you get ahead of the competition.

Position specific training lets you train scenarios in any position you want, while your own personal stats tracking hub helps you to monitor your progress over time.

The game is not currently available directly on the Oculus store and requires a monthly or annual membership to play. If you’d like to start training with Be Your Best, go sign up and choose your membership today.

2. Final Soccer VR

The graphics of Final Soccer VR are exceptional compared to many free games out there. The stadium, atmosphere, and environment feel quite realistic, as you imagine yourself as a player in front of thousands of fans.

In the free version of the game, you play as a goalkeeper, with the task of saving shots that come firing at you. 5-6 players wait outside of the box, each one taking turns to hit their shot.

Controlling the hands of the keeper, it’s up to you to make as many saves as possible. Saving the shots can prove to be extremely satisfying and the ball mechanics are also quite cool.

The Steam version of the game offers a few more modes, such as arcade and career where you complete fun challenges, however, this is currently priced at $6.99. 

One of the better looking games, that’s fully worth a try.

3. Gorilla Soccer

Taking inspiration from the hit Gorilla Tag, Gorilla Soccer offers a fun experience for those looking to play a football game in VR.

Using the same mechanics as in Gorilla Tag, you’re able to move around the field by grabbing hold of the floor, propelling yourself forward. 

Chasing an oversized soccer ball, you play in a small sided game against other Gorillas, trying to score goals, and beat your opponent.

Unlike Gorilla Tag, there’s no climbing to do in Gorilla Soccer, with all the movement kept on the floor. You can choose to play single player against bots, or online against other players from around the world. 

There’s also some extra modes which can be fun, such as a corner kick mode to practice your finishing from crosses.

The game is difficult to master, and beating the goalkeeper was much more challenging than expected. 

A fun game to play against friends, and great to kill a few hours

4. Incisiv Clean Sheet

For $5.99 in the Oculus Store, Incisiv is a great game for goalkeepers to practice their craft from the comfort of home.

Improving keepers’ perception, vision, and reactions, the game is a great tool for keepers to train alone, improving all aspects of their game.

Tasked with saving tricky shots, and reacting to different ball movements, the game will put your skills to the test.

Incisiv offer packages for professional clubs looking to improve their goalkeepers, but for those amateur players who’re looking for something cheaper, this could be a decent solution too. 

For goalkeepers really looking to take their game to the next level,

Wrapping Up

There really aren’t that many football/soccer VR games out there in the market yet! Developing these games is a tricky process that can take a long time. VR is still a new technology, with more football games hopefully coming in the near future. 

Until then, give the above games a go, and enjoy. While there isn’t a game anywhere near like FIFA out in VR yet, there’s a lot of great games that can actually help you improve your game in real life. 

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