Winner of SCORE by Real Madrid Next 2021 for best Sports Tech (performance)
Winner of Real Madrid Next 2021 for Best Sports Tech
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Winner 2021 Best Performance Sports Tech - Real Madrid Next
Winner 2021 Best Performance Sports Tech - Real Madrid Next
Winner 2021 Best Performance Sports Tech - Real Madrid Next

Scientifically Proven to Improve Your Game

A recent study showed that top level national team athletes performed better after 9 weeks of Be Your Best training

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28% Increase in Scan Rate
Increased Forward
Pass Completion
Players with a higher scan rate make more successful forward passes
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How It Works

using a VR headset

Transport Yourself to the Field

  • Using Be Your Best on a VR headset, you instantly transport yourself to a virtual pitch
  • From your bedroom, living room, or anywhere, train 11 v 11 games all by yourself

From living room to bedroom, after downloading Be Your Best to your VR headset, you’ll be able to train your cognitive skills anytime, anywhere. With no physical load, you'll soon be racking up hundreds of extra training hours.

Playing VR Football


  • Train moments from Premier & Champions League matches
  • Test your decision making and vision, with personalised feedback to help you become as good as the pros

Train your scan timing, frequency, decision making skills and awareness, as you play through simulated moments from Premier & Champions League matches as if you were in a real 11 aside game.

football player vision optimized


  • Train over 100 hours more per year than the average player, with no risk of injury
  • Become a master off the ball, learning how to scan your surroundings & make better decisions

With detailed feedback and coaching in game, you’ll soon see results on the pitch. With position specific training, stats tracking, and replay analysis, you’re given all the tools needed to improve.

Training has never been easier

With Be Your Best you’re only 2 minutes away from your next training session.


Open up the Be Your Best app in your VR headset and start your training right away
using a VR headset
vr soccer with mobile app


You’ll play through 11 a side scenarios taken from real life pro games, training your cognitive skills

Become a better player

With detailed feedback and coaching in game you will soon see results on the field
football player vision optimized
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Train alone, anywhere

From your bedroom to living room, Be Your Best can be used anywhere. All you need is a 2 x 2 metre space. No other players, or coaches needed

Train while injured

With no physical load on your body, you can train at all times. 20 minutes a day over the course of the year would see over 120 hours of extra training
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Extra hours trained
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Mentally prepare

Be Your Best can be used right before games and training sessions so that you're 100% sharp and ready when you take the field.
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Martin Odegaard - Arsenal
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Martin Ødegaard
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Scanning: The skill to transform your game

Scanning can have a huge impact on your performance. See how Be Your Best will make you into an expert.
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Scan timing
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Be Your Best Membership

Save 34% by choosing our annual membership!


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Meta Quest 2 headset

Super charge your training routine

There's no substitute for regular training, but where regular training lets you down, we fill in the gaps
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Regular training
Train anywhere
Train anytime
Train alone
Guaranteed coaching
Train while injured
Train pre-game with no tiredness
Constant 11 v 11 training
Pro scan training
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“Be Your Best has created something we would like to call a game changer for football.”
Ellie May
Karim El Idrissi,
Video Analyst & Assistant Coach, FUS Rabat
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"Improving awareness and perception are one of the most important aspects of football training and we look at BeYourBest as the best tool in the world to train this. "
Ellie May
Kim-David Hunstok
Fotballprogresjon Norge (Norway's leading football development organization)
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"It's a great way to put yourself in a game like situation without placing too much load on the body."
Ellie May
Hassani Dotson
Minnesota United & USA U23
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"It's amazing to be able to train with Be Your Best outside of regular practice. It adds that bit extra to my game"
Ellie May
Lukas Browning
Dalkurd FF & Sweden U19
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"To help you develop your game off the pitch, this is the piece of kit you need. It will help you get to the next level.”
Ellie May
Ellie May
Burnley Women.
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“It’s the difference between being the best and not. It gives you that extra 1-5%.”
Ellie May
Joshua Kitolano
Sparta Rotterdam & Norway U21
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"The perfect way to improve your game by a couple of percent and to train without going anywhere”.
Ellie May
Conrad Wallem
Odds BK & Norway U19
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"It makes awareness and decision making an even bigger topic for the players, while also helping them to develop.”
Ellie May
Paco Johansen
Former Coach Norway U18, 19, 20
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"Relating how many times a player scans to their number of successful forward passes is good. I enjoyed it”
Ellie May
Ben Osborn
Sheffield United
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"It’s made me more comfortable looking away from the ball to see where I can find spaces."
Ellie May
Syver Aas
Odds BK & Norway U18
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"The game brings another dimension to my football. It gets easier on the pitch."
Ellie May
Imam Jange
Everton & Sweden U19
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