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Modern technology is changing the way we are approaching cognitive training. Our purpose is to provide footballers and clubs with the cutting-edge tools they need in order to boost their mental performance on the pitch. This is not only innovative, it is based on science - because we believe more in data than in gut feeling.

We are passionate about the competitive advantage that excellent cognitive performance can give. That is why we are taking part in the change and developing a tool like no one else in order to help players become their best. Even the best players in the world can improve their mental performance. Because the basis for our methods and tools is documented, we know that it is possible to bridge det gap to the top football performers by focusing on perceiving and understanding the information around you on the pitch.


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Be Your Best™ will by this years end launch a version for individual football players. Sign up for free early access version fall 2018


Research has shown that players perception skills and ability to scan the environment for cues and important information is highly relevant for players performance. The Norwegian professor Geir Jordet (PhD football psychology) studied Premier League players and found that players with a high frequency of scanning/awareness prior to receiving a pass, increased their likelihood of a successful forward pass substantially.          

 These are highly important skills that we believe can be trained and improved with Be Your Best Cognitive VR Training. Players can practice with scenarios created from key situations taken from the highest level (Champions League), stimulating both tempo and the intensity of a professional soccer game. The cognitive benchmark is the world’s best football players. Players can relive familiar situations from their own position on the pitch and practice their perception and awareness during the last seconds before they receive the ball. Alongside with fast optimal decision making in terms of when and where they should pass the ball or shoot to score. This will also stimulate other cognitive areas such as how players can cope with success/failure, handling pressure, among others.

Our technology is not supposed to replace physical training, but to develop the right skillset and improve as a player in order to gain a competitive edge on your opponents.

Be Your Best™ PORTAL

Every single player has their own profile. Instead of a classic physical profile they will now have be able to discover and measure their cognitive profile with Be Your Best™ Portal. Together with your teammates and club you are all able to compete against each other. Practice and fight your way up the leaderboards and high-score lists.  

Coaches will also be able to track their players behavior and receive daily/weekly/monthly reports. The report shows their players effort and performance. More specific analysis of Scan Frequency, Scan Quality, Decision and Decision Time. In the future we are aiming for additional data from eye tracking, gaze behaviour, pattern recognition among others.


"What we have here is a completely different starting point to optimize certain brain functions under pressure. We are, when it comes to pressure simulations, many steps ahead" - TSG HOFFENHEIM

After using it for a while, you actually get a lot out of it. In football it’s all about recognizing situations you face on the pitch and be able to make decisions fast. By using VR glasses, you practice decision-making and it’s a really good tool”.

Fun but hard work. No physical load. Thanks @beyourbest_pro for helping me train vision and decision-making during my injury period. Feeling good! #futureoffootballtraning”.

20 players from Norway U19 national team believed their cognitive performance on the pitch would improve after using Be Your Best™ VR-training for 3-4 months.

On a scale from 1 (no improvement) to 5 (substantial improvement), the national team scored an average of 4,6. 10 days later they knocked out both Germany U19 and Holland U19, two of the world's best U19, whilst qualifying for the U19 UEFA European Championship 2018.


When you are investing money and time in improving on the pitch, you want it to pay off. Our approach is based on research, building on what evidence has demonstrated most effective.

Odd Skarheim is the Be Your Best™ co-founder and Chairman. Skarheim is the former chairman of Norwegian professional football club Vålerenga FC and also the founder of Attensi – the global leader in 3D gamified simulation training for large corporations (


As a consultant and speaker Geir has worked with some of the world's best players, clubs and FAs. His research has focused on what the world's best players effectively are doing.

Geir leads the international group of BeYourBest™ PhD’s that are thought leaders within their respective fields of psychology and football.

Geir Jordet holds a PhD in football psychology and is the Be Your Best™ co-founder.

‘Jordet is the world authority on ‘scanning’ ...... his PhD on the role of vision, perception and anticipation in elite performance.’

‘Arsene Wenger: Top players have radars in their heads’
- Simon Austinb /


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