Football Gadgets: Improve your game

Explore innovative football gadgets designed to elevate performance on the pitch

March 26, 2024

Football is a competitive sport, both on and off the pitch. Whilst teams collectively battle it out for three points on a matchday, players face daily competition.

And this is true of footballers at all levels of the game. Whether it’s trying to keep a starting spot in the team or get into it. Winning a new contract. Or aspiring to catch a coach or scouts eye.

Players need to constantly be on top of their game when playing. Especially, as the old cliche goes, because ‘you're only as good as your last game’.

So with this in mind. How can players gain an edge on their competition? Enter the world of football gadgets - innovative tools designed to elevate performance on the pitch.

Let's explore a range of cutting-edge football gadgets and look into how these technologies can help players of all levels improve.

Virtual reality football training

Virtual reality (VR) headsets enable footballers to play and train on the virtual pitch. Players can immerse themselves into their VR training from the comfort of their own home and on a schedule that suits them. Plus, with no physical load, VR allows players to stay mentally sharp even whilst injured.

One VR football training app trusted by professionals and amateurs across the globe is Be Your Best. Designed to improve players cognitive skills such as scanning, awareness, vision and decision making. The Be Your Best technology has helped top-level players like as Martin Ødegaard and Aurélien Tchouaméni‍. Clubs such as Borussia Dortmund, Wolverhampton Wanderers and FC Copenhagen are all current partners too.

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Be Your Best has two main training modes, developed to improve players performances on the pitch. Scenarios allow users to play through 700+ professional game scenarios from the perspective of one player. Matchplay replicates the experience of a real life game, giving users complete control over their actions and decisions.

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Wearable GPS Trackers

Wearable GPS technology tracks players’ movements and positions on the pitch. These compact devices provide real-time data on metrics like distance covered, sprint speed, and heart rate. With this invaluable information, players and coaches can make data-driven decisions.

Other benefits of GPS trackers are reducing the risk of injury. By monitoring players’ workloads, coaches can identify early signs of fatigue or potential injury risks. This enables them to adjust training plans, rest players when necessary, and implement targeted injury prevention strategies.

Companies such as STATSports and Catapult are currently the most widely used brands in the professional game. The STATSports, Apex Athlete Series, is a FIFA Approved GPS Tracker. It has 16 key metrics, including Total Distance, Max Speed, Sprints and Heat Maps. Users can compare their stats to players at academies and first team level to measure current performance.

Performance-Enhancing Apparel

In addition to advanced technology, performance-enhancing apparel can play a role in optimising player performance. Sportswear brands offer a range of innovative items designed to enhance comfort and mobility on the pitch.

From compression tops that improve blood flow to moisture-wicking fabrics that keep players dry and focused. Grip socks that provide superior traction and stability. A variety of performance-enhancing apparel exists that can benefit players at both professional and amateur levels.

Ahead of Euro 2024, adidas released a series of technical performance kits for seven of its biggest federations. Crafted for elite performance, these new shirts feature the latest in football kit technology. Improvements include absorbent materials that keep players feeling dry. Lighter crests, helping improve airflow and comfort, to help players focus on the game at hand.

Recovery Tools

Recovery is an integral part of any athlete's routine, and footballers are no exception. Sports science and medicine have taken huge strides in football to aid injury prevention and player recovery.

Recovery tools can include foam rollers, massage guns, ice baths, and compression boots. Through regular use, players can promote muscle relaxation, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery.

Recovery isn't just down to age, it also includes genetics, body type and composition. Every player is unique and every player may be susceptible to a different type of injury. Players must understand their own bodies, as some recover quicker than others.

Smart Training Equipment

Wrapping up our list of football gadgets is smart training equipment. Whether training solo or with a team, smart training equipment provides fun and innovative ways to improve player performance.

Smart cones, such as Blazepod, are a flash-reflex training system. Designed to improve speed, agility, decision making, and reaction time. The technology targets the body’s natural response to sensory stimulations.

Interactive rebound boards create a dynamic and immersive experience for footballers of all skill levels. Players can receive instant feedback on passing accuracy, reaction speed, and spatial awareness to improve training results.

Smart training equipment exists in various other forms. Search for what products exist for the skills you wish to develop.

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From training in the virtual world to specialised socks, football gadgets are transforming the way players train and compete. Technology is helping footballers maximise their potential and elevate their game to new heights. So why not embrace this new world and see what improvements you can start making.

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