Is the BYB Cognitive Training app for me? 

Short answer - the fact that you're already here looking for training tools to improve your performance, means YES! 

Who can benefit from using the BYB Cognitive Training app?

The BYB Cognitive Training app is no replacement for physical, tactical, technical team training. In fact the BYB app by itself is not enough to make you an amazing athlete. But it will help you improve beyond what you've achieved on your own and with your team. It will give you that extra edge, those few extra percentages that set you apart from the crowd! 

Are you a player who's received certain development goals from your coach to work on? Development goals like; improve your decision making, orientation, awareness, vision, anticipation of opponents team's moves? Have you been told to become better at locating and utilising space?

Well, the BYB app is perfect for working on such development goals and actually improving your real life skills on the pitch!

Meaning? The BYB Cognitive Training app is an amazing training tool for any passionate and determined athlete looking to improve their skills and their performance!