How to stream training from a VR headset

Stream your training both live and replay versions on a screen or your phone!

Streaming from your VR headset is quite easy, and useful for in-depth analysis!

When training with the BYB Cognitive Training app, you're training on a very specific skill set of cognitive actions. Therefore, it can be very useful to stream along with the training or when watching the replay to help you analyse better, and coach your player on their performance.

How to stream from a VR headset?

The BYB Cognitive Training app is compatible with two VR headsets: the Pico Neo 2 and the Oculus Quest 2. Streaming from either headset is equally simple, just a little bit different. 

Pico Neo 2:

In order to stream from the Pico Neo 2 headset, just double tap the "Home"-button on the Pico controller, then click "TV icon". Click the device you would like to stream on and click "Connect". Finally accept on the device you'd like to stream on.

Oculus Quest 2:

To stream from an Oculus Quest 2 headset, just follow the instructions below: 

Why streaming is useful

Streaming your live training and watching the replay afterwards can help you pick up on things that the player may be missing. For example, you might see opportunities that they missed easier, or you might notice that the player tends to prefer only scanning to their left. 

As Coach Winkel explained, he and the player often analyse the replay together where he asks the player what they were thinking at any specific moment, challenging them to also analyse for themselves. 

Utilise all the amazing possibilities of VR to improve performance!