How coaches benefit from the BYB Cognitive Training app

The BYB Cognitive Training app is a great training tool in football coaching!

The BYB Cognitive Training app can be a great coaching tool for streamlining individualised cognitive training without having to account for the entire team. 

You can train anywhere, with no physical load, making it perfect for an injured player to stay mentally ready during a rehabilitation period. 

- There are many advantages in using the BYB app with our injured players, but the most is perhaps the emotional feeling the players gain. They don't feel like they're missing out on practice and matches as much as they would have. It gives them a sense of "still practicing football", just in a different way.  
- The players feel like they're participating in a real match. And when they come back from the injury period, they feel like they have gained a cognitive advantage compared to pre injury.
- Allan Rasmussen with F.C. Copenhagen

Whether your focus is more on mental training, staying match ready and cognitively fit or your approach is more hands on out on the pitch training 1:1 on awareness and vision, the BYB app can supplement your program.

- I often use the Trainer together with video analysis from matches. If I see that a player is struggling with elements like scanning and decision making in previous performance, but his scores in the Trainer are sufficient, we can use that to look even deeper at things like stress-coping, performance anxiety or lack of concentration, and work on that too. This leads to really valuable conversations with my players. 
- High Performance coach Tomas Winkel

- We focus on key situations the players face in the game, taking position and style of play into consideration. Usually the situations we re-create on the pitch are similar to the ones the player experienced in Be Your Best VR-trainer during the warm up, this helps create better scan behaviours and decision making processes. 

- Coach Jonas Munkvold, RDA Coaching

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