5 reasons from our users on why Be Your Best has helped them improve

Our players share the main reason why training with Be Your Best has helped them on their journey to become the best!

For some it's the mental activation before a big game, or priming their focus before a training session with their team. Some appreciate that they can continue training, while giving their body a rest. Others enjoy the fact that they get a valid excuse to play "FIFA in VR". Here are 5 reasons why our users say training with Be Your Best has helped them improve their skills. 

1. Improvement happens almost on instinct, even after just a couple of sessions

- After I started using The Be Your Best Trainer, both my coaches and I noticed a positive change. I've become much more aware of how to orient myself on the pitch and how to use my vision correctly. Now it just happens naturally, kind of on instinct. 
- Kamilla Melgård

- My feedback was that I noticed and perceived things a lot faster, my understanding and reaction to things happening in the game were much quicker than before. 
- Nathalie Jørgensen

- The Trainer is fun and also great for my training. I became more aware of my scanning and how I orient myself, and I noticed I succeeded more in making better decisions on the pitch! 
- Signe Gaupset

2. These are situations I recognise and can relate to

- The greatest takeaway from using The Be Your Best Trainer has to be the simulation of real match situations. These are situations that I recognise and that I can relate to. I truly feel like I'm playing a real match.
- Joshua Kitolano

- I've always thought it would be really cool to be able to play match scenarios with VR and actually be in the game. Almost like getting to play Fifa, but with way more to it. And now I can.
- Thomas Rekdal

3. It leads to valuable conversations with my players, and positive challenges

- I often use the Trainer together with video analysis from matches. If I see that a player is struggling with elements like scanning and decision making in previous performance, but his scores in the Trainer are sufficient, we can use that to look even deeper at things like stress-coping, performance anxiety or lack of concentration, and work on that too. This leads to really valuable conversations with my players. 
- High performance coach Tomas Winkel

5. It helps me gain the most out of my individual and team training

- I train shorter sessions, maybe 10-20 minutes before every team activity, to mentally prepare for today's drills. 
- Thomas Rekdal

- For me, I found using it before my other training sessions and physical workouts works best. I then use it as a type of activation; getting ready before my next session.
- Håvard Nielsen

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