Watch: The Performance Room with MLS pro Omar Gonzalez

Check out our fascinating conversation with the experienced FC Dallas defender, Omar Gonzalez

March 6, 2024

Be Your Best hosted an online discussion with current FC Dallas defender Omar Gonzalez in The Performance Room.

Omar was joined by our Football and High Performance Specialist, Enrique Paez, for an in-depth chat and Q&A, hosted on our Discord channel.

Conversation topics included​ Omar's career to date which has included playing against Lionel Messi and representing his country at a World Cup, his preparations for the upcoming 2024 MLS season with hometown team FC Dallas, cognitive training and much more.

With 15 years experience as a professional soccer player, including 12 seasons and over 275 appearances in the MLS, and more than 50 caps for the USMNT, including three appearances at the 2014 FIFA Men's World Cup in Brazil, Omar was able to share great insight into not only the journey in reaching the pro level but more importantly, how to stay there.

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Cognitive training in soccer

Throughout our conversation with Omar, the FC Dallas defender talked through some of his cognitive training methods, including the use of Be Your Best.

Be Your Best is the soccer training app in virtual reality. Designed to improve players cognitive skills such as scanning, awareness, vision and decision making. The technology is used by professional players and clubs across the world.

When asked how he personally trains with our technology, Omar revealed: “The most interesting way I’ve used Be Your Best recently, is right before pre-season started.”

“A week before pre-season, I started putting on the (VR) headset to get my brain ready, getting used to how quick I need to scan.”

Before explaining some of the conveniences he values from Be Your Best: “I didn’t have to go to a field and do extra work…I was able to do it at home, just with the headset on and I thought that was incredible because when pre-season started, I was already a little bit sharp.”

Omar also talked through how he plans to train with Be Your Best throughout the week during the 2024 season, and even shared his personal matchday routine which interestingly involves: “...when I’m at the stadium, I find a room and I go use my headset for 10 minutes and then I go out to warm-ups.”

To hear more about Omar’s cognitive training experiences, watch our interview in full now →

‍Be Your Best Training

As described during our chat with Omar, Be Your Best has two main training modes, developed to improve players performances on the pitch - Scenarios and Matchplay.

Scenarios allow users to play through professional game scenarios from the perspective of one player. Matchplay replicates the experience of a real life game, giving users complete control over their actions and decisions.

The ultimate purpose of our VR app is to improve soccer players game intelligence. With major benefits including:

  • Backed by Studies: players have been shown to have an average 28% increase in their scan rate after 9 weeks of training with Be Your Best
  • Train While Injured: with no physical load, Be Your Best allows players to keep improving even when injured
  • Train Anytime, Anywhere: players can improve their game from the comfort of their own home and on a schedule that suits them
  • Trusted By The Pros: used by thousands of pro players across the world, including the Premier League, Champions League and MLS
  • Trusted By Top Clubs: some of the best clubs in the world are training with Be Your Best to help further develop their first-team and academy players cognitive skills

Learn more about how Be Your Best can be used to train your game intelligence.

Thank you to Omar Gonzalez for his time and insights in The Performance Room.

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