Private Soccer Training: The Benefits

Learn about the rise of private training in soccer, both in youth development and the professional game

February 27, 2024

In recent times, there has been a rise of private training in soccer, both in youth development and the professional game. Team practices are crucial for developing the collective. But there has been a growing recognition of the benefits that private coaching can provide the individual and a small group.

One of the obvious benefits of using a private soccer trainer is the undivided attention a player can receive. In a regular team setting, it can be challenging for coaches to address the specific needs and weaknesses of each player. Whereas private sessions allow for a personalized approach, tailoring drills and exercises to the individual player.

Whether it's honing technical skills, such as passing, shooting, dribbling, and ball control. Or working on physical conditioning to enhance strength, speed and stamina. Private lessons enable a player to focus on specific aspects of their game. And with an absence of other distractions, players can receive immediate feedback, enabling quicker skill acquisition and improvement.

In a private training environment, players and coaches can set clear goals and objectives matched to the player's aspirations. By establishing a roadmap for development, players can stay on track with their progress through regular assessments and feedback sessions.

Plus, in a world where schedules are increasingly demanding, a private training session offers flexibility and convenience. Players and parents can schedule sessions at times that suit their respective routines, ensuring that the soccer lesson doesn't clash with other commitments. This flexibility makes private training a viable option for players of all ages.

Youth development

Belgian youth coach Bob Browaeys, who has coached Belgium youth teams at every level and played a major part in revolutionising Belgian football, once said: “Youth football is not a team sport...It is an individual sport.”

With this attitude becoming more common, the uptake of private coaching amongst young players aspiring for a future career in the professional game is on the rise. Players inside and outside professional academies are now seeking additional ways to fine tune their individual skills away from their team training and team coaches.

Private soccer coaches are available and searchable across the world. Some of the highest profile include Alex Ramos, in the US, and Saul Isaksson-Hurst, in the UK.

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Professional players

Lots of professional players also employ private trainers or incorporate aspects of individual training into their regimes to. The likes of Christian Pulisic, Jack Grealish, Jadon Sancho, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more have been reported to appreciate the value.

One private soccer coach who has carved out a niche for himself in the professional game is Allan Russell. Operator of Superior Striker, an elite attacking specific training program. Russell's private clients have included Marcus Rashford and Ivan Toney.

As the professional game seeks to gain further marginal gains, expect to see an increase in the use of private specialist coaches from players and employment of individual video analysts too.

Use of technology

The rise of technology has also played a significant role in the popularity of private soccer training. Coaches and players at all levels can now readily utilize video analysis, performance apps and GPS tracking within their training programmes. This data-driven approach enhances the training experience, offering players a comprehensive understanding of their performance metrics.

But technology is also helping players train privately, and more effectively, in a different kind of way. And this is where Be Your Best comes into play.

Be Your Best is soccer training in virtual reality. Designed to improve players cognitive skills such as scanning, awareness, vision and decision making. The technology is used by professional players and clubs across the world, including Borussia Dortmund, Wolverhampton Wanderers and FC Copenhagen and Martin Ødegaard.

Arsenal captain, Ødegaard, trained with Be Your Best when recovering from injury. The Norwegian star said of his experience: “Really fun, but hard work. No physical load. Thank you Be Your Best for helping me train my vision and decision making during my injury period.”

‍Be Your Best has two main training modes, developed to improve footballers performances on the pitch - Scenarios and Matchplay.

Scenarios allow users to play through professional game scenarios from the perspective of one player. Matchplay replicates the experience of a real life game, giving users complete control over their actions and decisions.

The ultimate purpose of this VR football app is to improve soccer players game intelligence. Benefits include:

  • Backed by Studies: players have been shown to have an average 28% increase in their scan rate after 9 weeks of training with Be Your Best
  • Train While Injured: with no physical load, Be Your Best allows players to keep improving even when injured
  • Train Anytime, Anywhere: players can improve their game from the comfort of their own home and on a schedule that suits them
  • Trusted By The Pros: used by thousands of pro players across the world, including the Premier League, Champions League and MLS
  • Trusted By Top Clubs: some of the best clubs in the world are training with Be Your Best to help further develop their first-team and academy players cognitive skills

Learn more about how Be Your Best can be used in your private soccer training going forward.

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