- It's real match training, and it's a lot of fun! 

Nathalie Jørgensen (17), plays central midfielder on Kolbotn I.L. Women's First Team and uses The Be Your Best Trainer to go above and beyond! 

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February 27, 2024

Jørgensen was signed to the first team in January 2020, with the assumption that she wouldn't get to see much match time, and rather focus more on her development. Little did anyone realize that her skills were much too good to let sit on the bench! 

- I'm one of the youngest on the team, and this is my first year in Toppserien [the top level of women's association football in Norway], so I didn't really expect to play as much as I have this season! It's been very exciting, a lot of challenging matches. 

Wanting to excel

Jørgensen explains she's always motivated to keep improving, training as much as possible to become the best. It's an innate competitive drive and inner motivation that has fueled her, ever since when she first began playing. 

- I had this big dream of becoming the world's best midfielder. We'll see what happens in the future, but I always want to be the best I can be. And I want to play abroad in the Champion's League. 

Jørgensen talks about how she wants to train continuously, afraid of missing any opportunity to push herself even further. 

- Using The Be Your Best Trainer has actually been a really good excuse to force me to rest, but still feel that I'm training. Because there's no physical load, I get to rest from our physical workouts, but not feel like I'm missing out on valuable practice time. 

Increased perception and orientation on the pitch

When Covid-lockdowns were initiated in March, Jørgensen would use The Be Your Best Trainer every day! 

Football player, Nathalie Jørgensen, training with the Be Your Best VR-trainer.
Jørgensen training with the Be Your Best VR-trainer!

- It was a lot of fun, and after the first lockdowns ended I noticed a difference in how I acted on the pitch. I would look around, scanning, a lot more. 

Jørgensen has been allocated a top player developer through the club, who also noticed quite a change in her after lockdown. 

- My feedback was that I noticed and perceived things a lot faster, my understanding and reaction to things happening in the game were much quicker than before. 

Training with Be Your Best VR

After the first lockdowns, and with a busy season, Jørgensen is now training with The Be Your Best Trainer once a week. 

- I train with The Be Your Best Trainer as often as I can, now I average 30 minutes once a week, but I want to increase my training during the off-season. I think what would really benefit me. 

We generally recommend 1-3 sessions a week for 10-20 minutes per session, so Jørgensen is right on the mark with her current training! 

- I would really recommend the Trainer for any footballer. You get to play matches! It's real match training, and it's a lot of fun! 

We'll be cheering on Jørgensen in her journey to go above and beyond! 

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