5 tips on how to scan for goalkeepers

The last line of defence, where scanning plays a critical role!

February 27, 2024

In any match, scanning frequency is naturally higher in and around the box. It is here that the most critical decisions are made, and in turn goals are either scored or prevented. The last defender, and key player in such situations is the goalkeeper. 

Goalkeeper training in VR

With the Be Your Best VR-trainer you can train situations in any position with real 11v11 match simulation. Our goalkeeper training simulations are modeled after real situations and are designed to test your skills of awareness, positioning, preparedness and decision making! 

How to scan as a goalkeeper

Scanning differs slightly from in possession and out of possession situations, as your focus and mindset should also be on different things. Offensive scanning should focus on risk assessment, while defensive scanning needs to prepare for and stop an attack from the opposing team. 

Here are 5 tips on scanning for a goalie, both offensively and defensively: 

In possession:

  • Recognize where the pressure is coming from
  • Locate and recognize where there are spaces and opportunities
  • Assess the risk versus reward when you're making a decision. 

In defense:

  • In crossing situations, scan with a high frequency to see where the opponents are coming from and help your defenders by organizing them. 
  • Scan and read your opponents movements so that you can prepare better for what type of shot you'll face. 

Use these tips to work on your scanning when training! Check out our VR-trainer today!

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