5 Be Your Best Tips on how to become a better player in-game

We'll give you tips on how to maximise your efforts with our Trainer's Replay-feature!

February 27, 2024

Did you know we have a Replay-feature on all match scenarios you play in-game? Here are some tips on how to maximise the replay feature to become a better player! 

1. Look away from the ball when you analyse

When you analyse your performance in the game scenario, try not to focus on the ball and whether or when the pass failed and the opposing team gained control. 

Focus on your own player, where he/she turns, looks and makes passes.

2. Focus on the BLUE scanning area

When you watch the replay in the game you will see a blue highlighted area by your player. This highlighted area follows where you as your player were looking throughout the scenario. 

3. Analyse your player's movements and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much of the field did I cover with my scans? 
  • Do I LOOK AWAY from the ball and if so when?
  • Was it when it was traveling between my teammates? 
  • Was it when my teammate had possession of it?
  • When did I do my last look before I received the ball, did I capture important information?
  • How was my BODY POSITION during my scans?

4. Reflect on WHAT you focused on, and paid attention to

  • Which signals and cues did you pick up during your scans? 
  • Did your teammate attack spaces? 
  • Did a defender get close to your teammate? 
  • Were you under pressure?
  • Which signals and cues did you miss? 

5. Replay after every failed scenario, then play again!

If you fail a scenario or don't get the score you wanted, use the replay function to analyse and try the scenario again to get a better score. That way you will remember better everything you've discovered in your replay analysis!

Video analysis is an important part of your development as a player. Your ability to look back at situations from a different point of view allows you to improve your overall game understanding and evaluate your performance more objectively. 

Keep playing and BE YOUR BEST!

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