The Be Your Best Trainer

Features to help you be more aware, and make faster and better decisions on the pitch.

Real match scenarios

Push yourself

Are you ready for the Champions League? 
Be Your Best places you into different match simulations in your chosen field position, using scenarios from real games in Champions League, Premier League, and similar!

You can amp up any scenario speed 120% faster than the true match speed and push yourself even further.

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Detailed Insights

Replay Feature

Analyse your in-game performance with Be Your Best stats and training metrics. Measure your progression and success rate, and dive deep into your game replay from different angles. Learn from every scenario to reach the coveted 100% score!

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Building Habits

Build Winning Habits

With over a thousand different scenarios, you can use the Trainer to build scanning habits and decision making skills for real match situations. Through deliberate practice, you will soon start to notice the effects on the pitch.

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