- After just a few minutes, the players understand the importance of vision!

Coach Jonas Munkvold with RDA Coaching, uses the Be Your Best VR-Trainer during his 1:1 coaching sessions of footballers in the UK. 

- After having a training session with Be Your Best VR-trainer our players see the value of preparing to receive the ball and how to do so. Once they see the value they instantly become curious to learn more and improve.

In the last 6 years, Coach Munkvold has been coaching Academy-, pro- and Premier League-players, and is currently working with RDA Coaching who offer 1:1 coaching and in-depth analysis.

- Far too many coaches and academies put too much emphasis on when the player is in possession and what to do with the ball. This could be a consequence of the practices we chose, with no opposition or direction, and no unpredictability. In these practices only the now matter, whereas in the game we know the best players anticipate and predict the game well and use this information.

- The situation is more important than the skill, in my opinion. The very best players are always thinking 2-3-4-5 steps ahead, reading and planning for a situation. We often say «the best players play in the future» when teaching scanning behaviours on the pitch.

Starting with situations a player faces during a match

Coach Jonas Munkvold training footballer with Be Your Best football VR-simulation.
Coach Munkvold during a standard training session with one of their players.

Munkvold tells us that when a player arrives for their first training session with RDA, the first thing they go through is what types of situations the player may face in their current position. He explains that the type of coaching RDA offers is not meant to be a replacement of the player's club coaching, but a supplement that focuses on the individual player and their needs of improvement. 

- We focus on key situations the players face in the game, taking position and style of play into consideration. Usually the situations we re-create on the pitch are similar to the ones the player experienced in Be Your Best VR-Trainer during the warm up, this helps create better scan behaviours and decision making processes. 

- To force the players to develop better scanning behaviours I will provide visual football specific cues such as «pressing» or «making space» for them to perceive and react to. This lets me create constraints in the practice to work on details such as timings and direction of scanning. In this way we ingrain the lessons from the VR-Trainer with physical training as well. 

- They've heard "Check your shoulder 1000x before, but they still don't know what it means

- They've heard "check your shoulder", but the players usually have no idea what it actually entails. The concept of vision and awareness, scanning to gain information and prepare to execute decisions with the ball - these are things that are not necessarily always clear to them. Especially the younger players. 

- However, after just a few minutes with the Be Your Best VR-Trainer, they suddenly get it, and they're way more focused on it too. When we then go to implementing these concepts in physical training, they're so focused that they're scanning almost a bit too much. But that's a luxury, because then we can spend more time on teaching them how to scan strategically with timing and what to look for. 

It's always great to hear how the Be Your Best VR-Trainer can supplement coaching activities. We are excited to see RDA Coaching and Coach Munkvold using our training tool in shaping the best footballers today and in the future! 

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